Using Fire Station Manager, your station members can host your monthly board and member meetings over the phone and vote using our polling feature. Setup a free conference calling line by searching google and finding a provider. Get your members signed up on Fire Station Manager and take votes on our website with results in real-time so you can conduct your meetings remotely to keep your members healthy and following the COVID-19 Presidential and State guidelines.

When you sign-up with Fire Station Manager with your e-mail, please ensure you check your SPAM box or other like folders for our e-mail. Our e-mail system should send you a message within 2-3 minutes of you filling out your sign-up form. Once you wait that long, again please check your SPAM folder, promotions folder, or search your e-mail for "fire station manager" or "" and then you can also uncheck "spam" so that you'll continue to receive our messages. 

Our website is fully active with 75% of the functionality working. We just finished the polling or voting feature so that you can have your station members vote. This works by selecting all members in your station, or if you have voting members, you'll need to create a group for voting members and then add those members to that group. At my station, we have probationary members who can't vote, so if you're like us, you probably want to create a "Voting" or "Full Member" group. Board meetings are also important and you could create a special group for them, or for individual committees as well. We hope you like using our website. We have a few more versions to go through, but luckily you should be able to create or join one station for free, get your members to join your stations (all free), start tracking your standby calendar and schedule, admin activity, and schedule training and events. So many features are active, but please use the contact form or e-mail us if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help you get your station setup on

Fire Station Manager Intro Video. Beta 0.3 is out and ready for testing for all, we're excited to release our first intro video on the benefits fire stations and their members receive by using our website. Register now and enjoy using our site for free!

How to get started using Fire Station Manager. All of these features are already active in our current Beta 0.3 version of the website! You can add members, create your units, and schedule shifts! Find out here in this short video how you can set up your station so all your members can use our site for free!

Register here and invite the rest of your station to use our website for free.